The technology industry is booming and there are lots of opportunities out there for tech professionals in the UK. We’ve put together a few of the top in-demand tech skills:


Cyber Security

This has become imperative for companies as increasing numbers of employees are working remotely and it’s the responsibility of every employee to ensure the security of company data. In other words, cyber security skills will be among the most in-demand for years to come, whether you intend to pursue a career or simply include them on your resume.

Machine Learning and AI 

Our daily lives have become more automated whether it’s asking Alexa to play our favourite song or talking to a human-like chatbot online. AI is capable of learning from its environment, analysing data, and making decisions based on this information and machine learning is an application of AI enabling computers to learn without being explicitly programmed.

User Experience Design   

Technology is part of our everyday lives regardless of who we are or what we do so it’s important that technology is accessible to everyone and designed with users in mind. With employers ramping up their online efforts and bringing their products and services online, they’ll need UX/UI designers.

Cloud Computing  

Cloud computing will play a vital role in modernisation and growth for organisations across the world. The cloud makes it easier for businesses to store substantial amounts of data without needing physical storage devices or services and businesses will need to hire cloud professionals, who are comfortable and can develop, manage, and maintain cloud-bases systems.

Data Analytics and Communication 

This is more than just data handing and interpretation, it includes data collection, preparation, visualisation, analysis, and storytelling. The focus will be on transforming data into digestible and useful insights to be shared and understood across teams and external parties.

Digital Marketing   

Involves the use of online platforms to promote products and services. This includes SEO, contact marketing, social media marketing, email campaigns, and more. Employers need professionals who understand how to use digital tools to market their businesses effectively.

Supply Chain Analyst 

This function analyses data and methods to predict and improve a company’s delivery of products and services to its customers. An organization’s supply chain needs to run smoothly and efficiently to ensure profit, making the supply chain analyst an essential role.