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It was recently discovered that the Northern Ireland Police suffered a major data breach when papers including the identities of more than 200 serving officers (along with a police-issued laptop and radio) were taken from a private vehicle in Belfast on July 6.

Furthermore, the PSNI was alleged to have unintentionally disclosed all personal data of all 10,000 of its employees, including surnames, initials, positions and ranks, work locations, and departments, for 3 hours.

From a legal perspective, what measures do you think should be put in place to prevent this from occurring again?

From a technology perspective, what do you think the industry can do to protect major organisations with sensitive information from data breaches in the future?

Take a look at the newsletter link below:

Why The Data Breaches Within The Northern Ireland Police Force Are So Dangerous (msn.com)

Why exactly is this such a major issue?

One can come to the conclusion that this is a major breach of an employees right to privacy (specified in S.2 Data Protection Act [2018]); but, we can also mention that the idea of ones data being stolen after such an event does in fact linger.

That being said, how can the UK Government prevent this issue from occurring again?

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