As we have seen in the past year, the technology world has enhanced dramatically. From AI negotiating a contractual agreement with no human interaction necessary ( (68) Will Lawyers be Replaced by AI? | LinkedIn ) to musicians potentially allowing AI to essentially utilise their voice to compose the next hit song ( (68) Will AI Take Away Musicians? A Tech News Thursday Newsletter | LinkedIn ). It is certainly evident that 2023 has been a year of enhancement in regards to technology.

Taking this into account, what exactly will technology in 2024 look like?

As it was previously established in both (68) Will Law Firms be at risk of becoming Victims to Hackers? | LinkedIn and (68) Data Breaches and Vulnerabilities within an Organisation | LinkedIn, anyone is capable of falling victim to an online breach. Nevertheless, it can be debated that the advancements of technology will inevitably allow us to witness immense innovation as well as the implementation of advanced technologies being used and/or created within the technology industry.

For example, it is discussed in The Top 5 Tech Trends in 2024 Everyone Must Be Ready For ( by the respected Bernard Marr in light of AI that one could be ‘worried about it taking over the world or… you might be nervously waiting for it to steal your job’ however it is then juxtaposed to the idea that with AI removing the need for a human to execute menial tasks, one will essentially be able to become individualists in our own expressive light.

In addition to this, the emphasis on sustainable technology is set to be at the forefront of organisations in the new year to truly create a sustainable and ‘circular economy’ for the future. It is said that this will be achieved through embracing Green Cloud Computing, ‘where infrastructure and services prioritise the reduction of energy consumption and carbon emissions, and sustainable apps – software tools designed to help us live in a more eco-friendly manner.’

What else do you think will allow the development of technology in 2024 become even more sustainable?

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