In a recent post by Sam Shead , Editor at LinkedIn News, an influx of AI start-ups is certainly heating up the battle for technical talent across Europe, leaving companies like Google and DeepMind to choose between paying big or losing out on the region’s best minds. That being said, one can certainly say that the competition amongst both small and large AI organisations is heating up and the need for “the next best mind” is rampant, as suggested in ‘AI talent war heats up in Europe | Reuters’.

Do you think you have what it takes to take the world of AI by storm?

DeepMind is said to be dealing with an abundance of well-funded competitors entering its market, and an increasing number of its staff members are leaving to start their own businesses. Co-founder Mustafa Suleyman, who departed to start California-based Inflection AI with LinkedIn billionaire Reid Hoffman, and research scientist Arthur Mensch, who is currently CEO of Mistral AI, are two recent high-profile departures. In the brief time that they have been in operation, both companies have garnered valuations in the multibillion-dollar range.

Do you think this is an opportunity for organisations to train staff through talent transformation?

Upskilling employees so they can assume new roles, adapt to emerging technologies, and contribute to the creation of superior products within the AI race will not only allow smaller organisations to be recognised and respected (almost as much as the larger firms), but also increase the morale of employees and accommodate development amongst staff members.

The idea of talent transformation is supported by the respected Prithvi Shergill, CEO of Entomo, in Generative AI Is A Game Changer for Talent Transformation (Forbes) which continues to establish the idea that ‘Building employees’ current or future skills and creating a high-performing workforce is a fundamental priority for any organization’s growth.’

Do you think it will be beneficial for organisations to hire new talent, or upskill current employees?

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