Tech News Thursday has arrived!

It has recently been surfacing across social media platforms (and news stations) that AI has not only been implemented into our furniture stores and restaurants, but now the music industry!

Want to hear a new hit single by Michael Jackson or Elvis Presley generated purely by AI? Well, that is exactly what these AI music models are beginning to be programmed to do.

No matter what your choice of music is, music is an art form that one can confidently state that they connect with personally. Whether a song toys with your emotions through the lyrics or even holds precious memories for you, music can certainly bring communities together.

An article written by Sam Shead, Editor at LinkedIn News, states that Spotify’s CEO, Daniel Ek, understands that the music industry will find it ‘tricky’ to deal with (and accept) the use of AI.

Check out the article to get a deeper insight into what is stated: (17) LinkedIn

It has been shared via How Will AI Impact The Future of Music? | Complex that as of 2023, 10 new AI music models have been created by independent researchers and large corporations. Taking that into account, do you think that AI music models will begin to take away opportunities for original music to be created by artists attempting to break into the music industry?

How do you think international laws will be able to challenge AI music models (and their creators) from essentially stealing an original piece of work from an underrated or unknown artist, applying a superstar’s voice to the track, and making it their own?

Grimes (Elon Musk’s’ ex-partner) is said to be one of the first singers to have stated in an article by BBC News ( Grimes says anyone can use her voice for AI-generated songs – BBC News ), that anyone can use her voice to generate AI music as she stated that “would split 50% music royalties on any successful AI-generated song that uses my voice”.

So, one could argue that this is the beginning of the possibility of mega stars earning an ‘easy dollar’ while up-and-coming artists struggle.

One could counterargue and state that AI music models could in fact leave world-famous singers and songwriters, such as Adele, vulnerable to being targeted for their voices in a new AI-generated song.

What are your thoughts on AI-generated songs and will you appreciate it as much as you appreciate original pieces?

Let’s get discussing.