There is no doubt that AI is rapidly changing the world as we see it today. Previously discussed in Emerging Developments within Technology and Law | LinkedIn; Will Lawyers be Replaced by AI? | LinkedIn; and The Law and Technology Regarding Generative AI | LinkedIn, one can truly see the extent of which the world of technology has become increasingly more advanced just as of 2023, let alone 10 years prior.

With the above mentioned, who is the individual within an organisation streamlining AI into a business? The short answer would be the Chief Artificial Intelligence Officer (often abbreviated as CAIO).

So, what does a CAIO do?

A CAIO can be seen as a Senior IT Executive within an organisation whereby they hold the sole responsibility for the company’s overall AI strategy, design, development, and implementation.

Getting personal with on-device AI | Qualcomm

It was recently made apparent in a Forbes article by Sherzod Odilov that a recent survey carried out by Korn Ferry in ‘Humans still wanted: The future of work in an AI-driven world’ Survey suggested that ‘82% of senior business leaders believe that AI is set to have an impact on their business’.

Do you reckon that a tech start-up business will be able to afford to hire an AI Expert to be able to compete and differentiate themselves from competitors?

One could argue that this role is only suitable for those with extensive experience within IT and more specifically, AI; however, with the continuous development of AI, does it make sense to recruit someone with up-to-date knowledge of the subject matter but not necessarily hands-on experience, or someone with hands-on experience but not necessarily up-to-date knowledge?

That being said, could this possibly be a new career opportunity for those just out of higher education and/ or someone with a keen interest in AI?

Would CAIOs be the ones to be held accountable for an injustice?

Where do you think the majority of CAIOs emerge from?

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