Following last week’s Tech News Thursday article, one ought to continue the idea of personal data and AI. That being said, it was recently published that the state of California has in fact established the new ‘Delete Act’, formally known as the California Senate Bill 362 or abbreviated as SB 362, which has given consumers the ability to remove their personal data from all state-based data brokers.

It was enacted by Josh Becker (the California State Senator) in ‘ What the California ‘Delete’ Act means for consumers | Senator Josh Becker ,’ and discussed by Dr. Tim Sandle in ‘ What the California ‘Delete’ Act means for consumers – Digital Journal ‘ (respectively), and what exactly this bill could mean for consumers in the California area.

Is this something that ought to be passed to other legal systems across the world?

One of the purposes of the Act was to provide Californians with more control over how their data and privacy are being used (just as there was previously a right for Californians to request to have their data deleted under the current laws). With the new bill, it ensures that all privacy brokers are registered with the CPPA ( California Privacy Protection Agency (CPPA)) and requires the CPPA itself to regulate the way in which privacy brokers operate in terms of making the deletion of personal privacy easier and more accessible.

The Guardian examined this very act in their recent article ‘ Californians can scrub personal info sold to advertisers with first-in-US law | Technology | The Guardian ‘ where they had in fact discussed the matter from the perspective of an organisation, e.g., Delete Me CEO, Rob Shavell, discussing the new bill and the possibilities it will bring for brokers.

Do you think this Bill would be beneficial or detrimental to the English legal system if it were to be applied?

If one is able to delete person privacy data, could this possibly enable criminal activity to heighten?

What are your thoughts?

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